26th July, 2014

omg I said I would never go to another kpop concert… next minute going to B1A4 …. laters dignity, bye self respect

This legit happened

Omg I forgot to write about this but when I had my Chinese exam a few weeks ago I thought my seat number was 1997 so I made my way to that spot and as I was putting my stuff on the table and about to sit down this rude chick comes up to me and says

"um excuse me I think I’m seat number 1997"

and I was like “I think I’m 1997 though?”

and she’s like “well I checked okay I’m 1997”

and I’m like “?? but I am pretty sure I’m here”

and she’s like “I’ll show you on my phone okay I’m this spot”

and she whips out her phone and then she freezes and she’s like

"LOL JK I’m seat 1977 k bye!!!!" and she just walks away




I met this international girl in my Chinese class and one time during class I kindly helped her explain an essay topic and just corrected a bit of the grammar and spelling. Ever since then, she ALWAYS asks me for help EVERY SINGLE TIME she has an essay. Which is like once a week or once a fortnight. Not only that, she actually asks me to explain topics and correct her 2,000+ word essays. She messages me with her essays asking to check stuff for her and just last week she told me she got two fines for public transport and asks me what to do and how to write a letter.

Alright, even though I know I am a loser with no social life I still am busy ok. I don’t even have my own freaking life sorted why do I still have to have time to help you look at stuff every day now. Especially since you have NEVER helped me with anything before. That time we were in a group for the Chinese oral you fucking threw me and the other girl into the deep end 3 hours before our oral presentation and said “hey let’s just do it separately”. Every single week you’d get me to mark your name off for 2 classes and when I wasn’t going to class, you asked me to ask my friend that you didn’t even know to mark you off. You message me every single day for help and when I don’t reply within a few hours you send me fucking questions marks. Ugh then you tell me to go on Wechat and talk to you. Hello? I am not your slave, I told you I stopped using Wechat, if you want help from me you don’t tell me to use your messaging app. What the fuck? And then you call me in the middle of the night and tell me on Facebook to pick up my phone because you need help with your fine. Like bitch please, we’re not even friends? Who do you think you are?

Not only that but you received two fines. One was because you didn’t touch on even though you knew you had to, then you were caught. Then a week later you got another fine for not touching on, then when the officers were noting down your address you gave them a fake number and address. Then they caught you. You got a really big fine on top of that. Then you ask me to write you a letter so they’ll excuse you? Hello? Who do you think I am? The queen’s daughter? You fucking broke the law twice in the same month, then you lie to the officer? Who do you in god’s name think I am? You fucked up, I’m not writing you a letter and if I do it’ll go something like this. “I’m sorry I am such a dickwit I’ll pay the fine in full so please forgive me for being a lying” 

I don’t understand, you come in to class with freaking Chanel glasses and Givenchy bags. I don’t think you can’t afford to top up a freaking Myki card. Jesus Christ.

And your essays. I understand that you’re an international student and that you might not have good English. Fine, that’s fair, you can ask me for help with explaining stuff. But you can’t ask me to check your 2,000+ essays every week. I have a life, I have exams to study for. You paid thousands dollars for a reason, utilise the fucking university services. You live in the freaking city, you have time to go to the gym and to go out and party, I’m sure you have time to go to the university and ask for help.

Lastly, I’m not your friend, so it’s rude for you to ask so much of me. You’ve never talked to me or messaged me about stuff that wasn’t “help me” related. If you want services from me then pay me. I’m not your slave and I am not going to be continued to be “used” by you.


19th June, 2014 - Bye Kpop

I am 20 years old now. Will I finally be able to move on??????????

14th June 2014 - Goodbye, Maccas

After a year of fries, salt and grease it’s officially over. I would be lying if I said I’m not sad about leaving. As much as I frequently ranted on Tumblr we all know that deep, deep inside my heart there was love for that gigantic, yellow “M”.

From my first shift, a clueless loser to being able to name the the prices of every single burger and it’s small, medium and large meal. I have come so far. Damn and I still have never had a Big Mac, it’s saddening.

As I type this whilst wearing my faded McHappy shirt I sincerely hope to never ask “would you like an apple pie with that?” again.

sigh why do i love exo they are so fucking lame lol

"Where do you see yourself in 10 years?"

"I don’t know, I really don’t. But I see you in 10, 20 and 30 years. You’re working at a big company and you’re making more than the average salary. You married and have a great wife and two kids- a boy and a girl. You live in a two-storey house and you’ve paid off your mortgages. You go on holidays at the end of every year. You live a normal life. I see it for every single one of my friends."

"What about you?"

"I don’t see it for myself, I’ve never seen that for myself. I can’t see it."

Tuesday 3rd June 2014

In several moments I will be twenty years old, an age I honestly thought would come a lot later than it has. I have had many birthday wishes today, it feels very warm. How do I feel about the fact that I am a year older? I don’t know. I have been dreading it for a long time. Am I happy today, will I get through this month, the next? Although I can’t say that I have achieved anything significant, I have learnt so many things about myself this past year. I am alone, but I don’t feel lonely any more. I have grown closer to myself and I have grown closer to a lot of people that I never thought I would talk to. It’s been a really hard year and I’ve realised what a difficult person I am, so to all my friends that pull me closer when I turn away, thank you. I feel blessed to be me. I have a great family, I know who my real friends are, I have a future. I can’t see it, but I know it’s there. I am turning 20 in approximately 20 minutes. I am grateful. 

I am a proud and supportive employee……

what are your job interviews for! i've been trying to look for a new job as well but i feel like noones hiringggggg good luck isabel!


a curtain store HAHAHA thank you! I have a pun ready for the interview..

"Sorry what was I saying I’m so tired I need to PULL MYSELF TOGETHER HUEHUEHUE"

ok that was bad but I couldn’t CURTAIN myself 

eventually someone will be “DRAWN” to you HAHAHA

I am CURTAIN someone will give you a job

OK I’m going to stop

this is the final curtain call

(damn maybe this is why I don’t have a job… don’t take advice from me)

I have two different job interviews tomorrow if I am still unable to get a job after this I might have to accept the fact that I am a retard and there is something wrong with me. Please someone give me a job I will do anything I will sell my soul.

If a blog called dirtynastyasfun started following you, don’t get excited about the prospect of a cool, new follower or creeped out at the username, it’s just me. It’s been a really long time since I reblogged photos of any sort because I wanted to try and make this account photo free, but I really miss it so I guess my new, second blog will satisfy my need. Ciao!

We used to sneak over the hill to the golf course during Monday morning assemblies. It was a ritual so in sync it was like clockwork. The bell rang and no matter how cold the weather be, how damp the grass was, we never missed a beat. You would light your cigarette and I would pull at the grass around us until it was all bare. The four of us would talk about anything; life, death and everything in between. We don’t talk at all now. All that’s left is the dead patch that marks where we used to sit so often. Over time new grass will sprout and there will be no evidence of our friendship. Nature moves on and so will we.

We used to sneak over the hill to the golf course during Monday assemblies. Shit, I’d give anything to do it again.

Hey Isabel! I never knew this was your tumblr. Hope you have been well and you have kept yourself away from causing trouble like you always do. Like they say, a day without sunshine is, well pretty much night and that's when all the fun begins. ANYWAYS Hopefully I'll see you around, sometime.


"kept yourself away from causing trouble like you always do"